Joshua Tree in Color

The Mojave and the Colorado deserts come together in Joshua Tree National Park to form an otherworldly landscape.

Joshua Tree in Black and White

The timeless desert landscape lends itself well to shades of grey. Seeing this world stripped of color accentuates its rugged details.

Landscape Astrophotography

On a clear night, it’s possible to pick out the moons of Jupiter, the pink glow of Orion’s belt and the endlessly fascinating band of dust and gas of the Milky Way.

Joshua Tree in Winter

An unusual winter storm brings fresh snowfall to the high desert.


Raku is a Japanese style of pottery first made during the 1580s. The practice is characterized by removing the pottery from the kiln at the height of the firing and causing it to cool very quickly.

White Clay Pottery

Low-fire Pottery with food-safe glazes made by hand.