About the Art

Most of the artwork on display here has never been shown before.  Some has – though not in such detail. There is much more to come. If you would like to be notified when new collections arrive, please subscribe to my newsletter. I promise I won’t email often.

In selecting these works, I was critical of every piece. “Would you hang it on a wall?” was the question I asked myself of each photograph. I spent considerable time developing each one, and there were many others that didn’t make the final cut. My ultimate goal is to produce works that inspire others to answer yes to that question, as well. If any of these photographs connect with you, please consider purchasing a museum-quality, ready-to-hang aluminum print that will brighten your environment for years to come and inspire me to keep shooting and posting.

These photographs have been developed with the intent to print on aluminum, and the majority of the cost of these prints is in the production. I have been printing using this technique for my private collection for over 10 years and I have the highest level of confidence in my partner print shop. Your satisfaction is my guarantee and theirs.

About the Prints

Aluminum prints are archival quality, easy to hang, and look amazing. Both lightweight and enormously durable, aluminum allows for vibrant color and a gorgeous contemporary aesthetic. Aluminum is tear-proof, waterproof, as well as scratch and UV resistant.

The material is lightweight, durable, highly resistant to corrosion, does not rust and is naturally flame retardant, so you can be sure your photo prints will last. These prints use only 100% recycled premium grade aluminum sheets that are also 100% recyclable, making these products 100% waste free.

Prints are made using a dye sublimation method that infuses dye into the surface of aluminum prints, for an archival quality photograph that will last. The dye particles are completely enclosed within the coating, giving you a print that is waterproof and scratch and UV resistant.

Care: Use water or a mild window cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your print.

About the Finishes

Matte White or Matte Silver?

Most prints are offered in Matte White finish only. This finish provides reduced glare and the widest viewing angle. Whites are true, and colors are not overly saturated. Some pieces (particularly Black & White photographs) are offered in a translucent Matte Silver finish in which whites appear metallic silver (the raw aluminum shows through). This is an unusual effect and these pieces have been selected with this in mind. However, if you prefer a more traditional-looking print, the option is provided to choose Matte White.


All photography orders ship for free within 10 business days. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Rarely, damage during transit happens. If anything is wrong with your order when it arrives please do not hesitate to reach out via the address included in your order confirmation email and your order will be replaced.

I can only ship to USA and Canada. If you are overseas, please contact me to make arrangements for alternate purchase and shipping arrangments.

Float mount for aluminum print

Mounting Hardware

All photographs include a 1/2-inch bamboo “float” mount which provides easy installation without the need for framing. A wall bracket is provided, but not necessary. A single well-embedded nail can suffice as a hook.