Season 2

18 City Tour

We’re back from ESK8CON 2023 and we hope you all had as much fun as we did! Joe and Alex had a blast catching up and seeing what you all have been cooking up, and now we’re ready to hit the road and take your boards on tour!

At ERS we are doing something more than just a youtube vlog. We set out to make a “show” – with high production quality, narrative story telling, and most importantly: filmed outdoors in interesting places with the most interesting skateboards.

Season 1 was testing the waters. We self-produced it and we made some money for a good cause. We built a dedicated following. Now, after some success, we’re ready to carry on the momentum, but we can’t do it alone. We think this is a good idea, but we need your participation to make the vision come true.

Wait, what?

Our Incentive: We rent a van, bring a bunch of boards with us, set up for demos (intro 2 speed style), let people try your products while we produce The Electric Road Show: Season 2.

For season 2 sponsors, every sponsor gets a mention in each episode, and every sponsor will get a full 30-second highlight in one of our episodes. That’s youtube exposure over the entire course of season 2 plus we bring your products to the masses.

Cities we’re headed to:

San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire/East LA, Denver, Salt Lake, Santa Barbara, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Nashville, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Albuquerque, Seattle, Miami, Austin, San Francisco.

Return on Investment

What we’re proposing is a mobile trade show for less than what it typically costs you to attend a single event. Plus we offer much more exposure over a longer period and our content has longevity beyond the immediate. Our season will run for 9 months and you get exposure every single episode! Plus people get to see your products up close in all the cities we’re visiting. If you’re curious about our metrics, you can check out our most recent video where we go into more detail:

Are you on Board?!

As we detailed in our last video, we’ve planned out an 18-city tour for season 2 and we need sponsors to pull it off. So, without further ado, here’s the breakdown of how sponsorship will work.

There are two tiers:

Tier 1 Sponsorship is for electric skateboard builders who want to send a board with us on the road for demos.

Tier 2 Sponsorship is for accessory and peripheral type sponsors who want to send so gear on the road for giveaways or just to show off when we’re set up for demos.


We have a budget and we are prepared to scale as necessary. The expected range for tier 1 sponsors is ~$7500 for the whole season. The expected range for tier 2 sponsors is ~$3000. So, not a lot. Less than what you spend on a trade show and easily more value for it. If we hit our critical threshold of sponsors, we can assure the lower end of that range. But right now we need you to let us know you are interested in supporting us!

If that button doesn’t work for some reason, email Once we hear from you, we will reach out with more information and details. Nothing is set in stone. Right now we want to count everyone who is interested. So let us know now! Thank you!