Yekra Films is no more!

So, I just heard through the grapevine that Yekra Films is no more. Apparently, this was quite sudden. I just recently watched a fantastic documentary there called Shadowing and had referred it to friends who reported the link dead. Year was the best place to discover new independent film. What about all those filmmakers?Where will they showcase their films now?

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  • Mishelle Shepard

    I just watched that documentary on Yekra too, and the next day their site was gone. I thought maybe it was just my computer or ISP somehow. I rarely use Twitter so please post any updates on why, how, wtf, etc. I’ve watched a few from there in the past and found them informative of high quality and I was hoping to see more!

    • Alex

      I learned it on twitter. Sources close to the founders (who departed a few months ago) reported the news. Looks like Vimeo on Demand will be a popular replacement.

      • Alex

        Apparently it was a surprise to just about everyone involved. It was shuttered rather unceremoniously.