Cole Smithey Redesign

I recently had the privilege of working with film critic and prolific video blogger Cole Smithey. Ted Rall (the political cartoonist) recommended Cole and I work together after I helped Ted with his site.

Cole’s project required quite a lot of problem solving since his website is hosted by TypePad — as service I had only heard of on occasion and never worked with.

I won’t offer any criticisms of TypePad, but I will say that I had to get VERY creative with the problem solving.

Thermal Exposure created the design strategy I had in the back of my head but didn’t realize it until I saw their vision. They worked tirelessly with me to address every tiny detail necessary to flesh out a site that far exceeds my wildest dreams. If you don’t believe me just look.

—Cole Smithey

And wow, does Cole know about film! Check out this review of American Sniper:

Cole Smithey



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