A New Website for Symetrix Pro Audio

Symetrix.co got a major upgrade today! I’m happy to have had a hand in it.

Symetrix_-_2014-03-05_18.33.58The good folks at Symetrix care a lot about their users. Over the past few months they’ve been looking closely at user patterns and getting a real sense for how their customers use the website. This new mobile-friendly website represents their commitment towards a positive user experience in both form and function.

The Symetrix website really shows what you can do with WordPress. There’s complex query logic happening throughout the site. The site includes a sophisticated product finder and sports a pretty incredible document management system that displays relevant downloads for the general public — and logged in users — right in line with their marketing copy. Just about everything is automated.

A lot of what makes the Symetrix website really cool is what’s happening behind the scenes. The content management side of this project is what’s really impressive. You’ve got to love WordPress for generating so much potential.

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