Neah Power Systems’ PowerChip and PowerPlay Fuel Cells Video

After the success of the video I produced for ClearSign Combustion Corporation, I was contacted by Neah Power System’s CEO, Chris D’Couto, to produce a short video for Neah Power.

Neah Power has been around for over 15 years, and has some impressive technology in the field of portable, low-cost fuel cells. I sat down with Chris to get a better understanding of the impact such technology could have on the future and interviewed each employee (They run a tight ship). The more I heard about the company’s Fuel Cell technology, the more I got excited about this project. For one ting, Neah Power’s fuel cells do not require air in order to operate — which makes them suitable candidates for space power, among many other applications. Whenever I hear talk of space, my ears perk up.

Neah Power has produced some videos in the past which describe their technology in considerable detail. These video’s struck me as a little dry. You know the type of videos I’m talking about: Glorified PowerPoint presentations with moving pictures.

For Neah Power, I wanted to create something different.

I set out to tell the salient history of Neah Power Systems and describe their markets and technology in a format that would engage the audience. Since Neah Power came to me, I seized upon the opportunity to re-tell Neah Power’s story, and lay the groundwork for a brand overhaul in the near future.

I went for a kind of “documentary” feel, even though this is clearly a corporate video. I wrote the script with quite a lot of input from the boffins at Neah Power. Here’s the end result:

Neah Power Systems PowerChip and PowerPlay Video

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