Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Renewal Trouble

What happens when your Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription is suspended due to a lapse in payment?

I found out recently when I attempted to update my Credit Card info with Adobe. I was in the process of switching Credit Unions and updating all the credit card info on file with all the different services I use online. I had some trouble with Adobe’s Creative Cloud website because after I deleted the old credit card on file, Adobe’s website wouldn’t give me a chance to add a new credit card.

If I had added the new credit card first, before deleting the old credit card I likely would not have had this problem. For the life of me, I couldn’t find a place to add a new credit card on file for the next time Adobe’s billing cycle would come around.

Today, while attempting to open Fireworks, I was greeted with a dialog box from the Adobe Application Manager.

Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Membership - Renew your subscription

Clicking the link to the “Subscription Manager” does NOT take me to the subscription manager. Instead, it took me to my Creative Cloud File Manager page:

Files : Adobe Creative CloudNot very helpful.

Next, I clicked on the avatar in the upper right and went to my Account Settings and clicked on:

My subscriptions and services

From here, I could see a notice that my Creative Cloud membership was suspended and was able to update my CC info. (The screenshot above is shown after I successfully updated my CC info and renewed my membership to Creative Cloud).

So, after my Credit Card was successfully entered, I tried to open up FireWorks, again.

I was greeted with the same screen as before.

Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Membership - Renew your subscriptionThis time, I clicked “Try Again”. The next screen looked like this:

Adobe Application Manager Thank YouI hit continue and got this again:

Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud Membership - Renew your subscriptionGreat. Okay. I guess I need to wait a while.

15 Minutes later… Same problem.

30 Minutes later… Same problem.

Okay. Reboot the computer.

Same problem.

1 hour later… (Just enough time to write this blog post)


So, give it time.

My suggestion for Adobe (If you’re listening): Fix this.


Thanks to commenter Chris for pointing out the actual workaround.

If you click on ‘Licence this software’ it will give you the opportunity to sign in again, and the loop was broken for me. Services restored.

Adobe License This Software Stuck in Activation Loop

Subscription Activated

Subscription Activated! You’ve broken the loop! Click “Close” and your software will launch.

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  • Chris

    Just had exactly the same problem – stuck in the activation loop. If you click on ‘Licence this software’ it will give you the opportunity to sign in again, and the loop was broken for me. Services restored.

    • Martino Palladini

      Had the same exact issue today, luckily Chris’ suggestion in the comments helped me break the loop.

      • deanna

        Helped me too! thank you … very very frustrating adobe!!

    • Alex Williams

      Thanks Chris! I’ve updated the post with your fix. Glad together we could figure this out!

    • andrew Silk

      Thanks Chris! I owe you a Beer!

    • Magda

      Same problem. But I’m not even gettin the ‘licence this software’ option. Nothing working here. Any suggestions?

      • Alex Williams

        Are you on CS6? or maybe CC?

        When Adobe first opens up with that “Renew Your Subsciption” pop-up, the License button should be in the lower left. No?

        I’ve since upgraded to Adobe CC. I recommend it.

        • gary

          I don’t get the license this software button either.

  • Charles Nelson

    Thanks for posting that workaround, it fixed it for me as well.

    It is rather irritating that adobe was so rushed in getting their Creative Cloud to market that they failed to handle some basic things like this. Almost a year later we are still having these problems. I guess the moral is don’t let your Sub lapse

  • andrew Silk

    Ditto on Chris’s comment.

    I just lost 4 hours of of work time thanks to Adobe’s inability to fix this glitch! This is NOT okay!

  • Christopher

    Thank you so much! The update post worked perfectly. Glad I found your site. Wished Adobe would just fix this.

  • Desma

    I had the same problem and followed your instructions re “Licence Software login” and all fixed, thanks :)